Due to a change in our booking system policy all orders are subject to a 1.9% fee at checkout.

Let our knowledgeable staff take you to the hot spots for dolphin and manatee.

Having a captain at your disposal allows all of the passengers to relax and take in the scenery.

Choosing a knowledgeable guide will insure optimum chances to view wildlife, scenery and beautiful sunsets.

Our mission is to provide you with a lifetime experience that will live forever in your memories.

The jetski tours are both educational and fun. If you are a first time rider or it has been a while...consider going on a tour to assure your ride is the best it can be.

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Private and Semi-Private Boat Tours

Around Anna Maria Island, Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay and to our local sandbars including
Jewfish Key, Passage Key & Egmont Key.

Boat Tours for up to 6 people private starting at $175.00

We customize each and every trip to fit your needs and bucket list. Our tours can be 1.5 hours long or all day.​ You choose how long you want to explore.

​Over 6 people in your party? We offer a bare-boat charter to accommodate groups of ​12 or less. We offer semi-private tours during select times of the year. ​ ​ Ask for details

Choose your base tour​ Backwater & Eco Around the Island
Sightseeing & Sunset
Dolphin & Wildlife
Egmont Key

We will customize your excursion from your choice. Most tours can be completed in the 1.5 hour experience. Around the Island has a minimum of 3 hours Egmont Key has a minimum of 4 hours ​

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Reservations Required!
1.5 hour tour Around Anna Maria Island with Free Riding in the Gulf included!
Medium-High speed tour with the opportunity to see wildlife like Dolphins !
3 people per Jet Ski (450 lb weight limit)


For Same Day Reservations Call: 941-538-4290

Jetski Tours

Jet Ski Tours ​are perfect for beginners or experienced riders l ooking for a fun easy way to experience Anna Maria Island by water Sarasota Bay, Passage Key and ​Egmont Key are popular destinations​.

Jet Ski Tours are 90 minutes $169 or 120 minutes $199

Each Jet Ski on the tour can hold 500 lbs 2 adult sized individuals ​ or​ 1 adult​ ​/​ ​2 kids​

There are a few rules associated with a Jet Ski tours that are not associated with a Boat tour. ​

  • Must be 18 yrs old to rent the ski for the tour
  • Photo ID & Credit Card for all responsible parties.
  • Photo ID of all operators
  • All operators must have a boating license if they are born on or after 1/1/1988
  • If you are born in or before 1987 you are exempt from needing the license
  • Temporary Boating Certifications are available for $3 for those that need and do not have a boating license. These items are mandatory by FL law and will not be over ruled if you show up
PHONE: (941) 538-4290